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Today I want to show a possible way to automate regular standardized reporting - as a monthly Project Status report could be.

If you know the following Szenario well, then maybe this solution could be something for you:

But you have to deliver on a regular basis a PowerPoint presentation because the Steering Committee want so. Therefore you copy all information with updated data into a PowerPoint. Titles have to be adjusted to the new month etc.

Ok, I agree, the easiest way would be to come away of this PowerPoint reporting, but if there is no option to do so, an automation would be fun, right? - then continue reading.


PPTGo - Move Excel Content to PowerPoint

With this Approach content like text, formatted Excel-ranges and Excel Charts can be moved to a specific PowerPoint slide, fill slide titles with a predefined text in Excel (e.g. a formula with actual month name in), also some risks are already valuated and text is written in Excel, the Milestones are described, arguments for the additional costs are written, so all this information can be moved to a specific TextBox on a specific slide.

And all this without any programming - just customize a worksheet in your Excel and click the button - wait for it.... it's gonna be Magic... the PowerPoint is filled with your content from Excel.

The big Advantage what I see is:


All are now happy - you don't have anymore Manual work to prepare the Project reports, and the managers can get their lovely PowerPoint.

Maybe you have other areas where this could be helpfull? E.g. monthly financial reportings? Write me some ideas where you see this Approach as a help.


Watch the Video to get an idea what I'm talking about.

You can download the files from here. The Excel file includes the macro and also the Customize Tab "PPTGo" where you see the settings for the demo. Also the empty PowerPoint which has to be filled is there. Download all files, copy them into the same Folder and click on the Button on "PPTGo". Enjoy and have fun.

Projects can be colorful! 

Thank you

Roger Heckly