Setting description

ID 00094
Name Show which day in monthly
Available values
First day of month   
Last day of month  
First Monday  
First Tuesday  
First Wednesday  
First Thursday  
First Friday  
First Saturday  
First Sunday  
Last Monday  
Last Tuesday  
Last Wednesday  
Last Thursday  
Last Friday  
Last Saturday  
Last Sunday  
Default value First day of month
Description Defines, which day is shown in the Day Header Row when Calendar type [Monthly] is chosen.
Prerequisite 00005 - Calendar Type = [Monthly], 00019 - Show Header Rows must be enabled for Minimum one day
Implemented in Version 3.0.07


If you choose a monthly calendar type (00005 - Calendar Type = [Monthly]) and you display in minimum one header row as day, then you can define, which day of the month should be shown in the Header row. This is helpful, when you want to show the first day but also the last working day of the month.

Check the example settings and how it looks like for the same time range.


Combination of First da of month and Last Friday

If you want to have the first day of the month and also the last working day (Friday) of the month, then you have to setup the header rows like this:

  1. 00019 - Show Header Rows - Enable day 1 to 2
  2. 00020 - Show As
    For Day 1 = "as []"
    For Day 2 = "as []"
  3. 00094 - Show which day in monthly
    For Day 1 = "First day of month"
    For Day 2 = "Last Friday"



By setting up the display options like above description, you will get 2 Day-Header rows. The first one will show the first day of the month, the second one the last Friday of the month.