Setting description

ID 00023
Name Alternate background color
Available values
Default value Year 1: Yes
Year 2: Yes
Halfyear 1: Yes
Halfyear 2: Yes
Quarter 1: Yes
Quarter 2: Yes
Month 1: Yes
Month 2: Yes
Week: Yes
Description For each header type you can define alternative background colors. If it is set to yes, then it starts with 00024 - Format Even Cells and alternates with 00025 - Format Odd Cells. If it is set to no the background color from 00024 - Format Even Cells is taken for all cells of this header.
Prerequisite Set the background color, font type, font size and font color in 00024 - Format Even Cells and 00025 - Format Odd Cells



Alternate background color = YES


Alternate background color = No

Here all header were set to No, but you can also define it for every single header (excluding days)