Setting description

ID 00096
Name Task Header Background - H1
Available values
Default value

Background: RGB Red 47 / Green 117 / Blue 181

Font: RGB Red 237 / Green 237 / Blue 237
Font Type: Calibri / Bold / 14

Description You can use up to three header level for formatting the task group header.
With this setting a whole line can be formatted as task group header level 1.
Implemented in Version 3.0.07


The following settings can be changed

1. Backgroundcolor, Fonttype and -Color

The background color can be changed - this is used to color the whole row via conditional formatting - if you set the task type to the corresponding value (see 2.)

2. Task Type Shortcut

Default values are here H1, H2 and H3 - but you can change them to your own need - this values are entered in the column "Task Type".

3. Description for the legend 

This description will be shown in the legend if Setting 00079 - Show Task Color Legend is set to "yes".



The description will be shown in the legend as follow:


Example how the tasks can now be grouped

With the corresponding task types - (1) in this example H1, H2, H3 - you can create hiearchys or groups in your tasks. The background color, fonttype and -color are formatted with conditional formatting.